Celebrating 30 Years of Creativity

Looking back on thirty years of studio work is a pleasure to ponder this year.

The current iteration of this design studio focuses mainly on two dimensional art, photography and video. In 2016 FJ Studios reached a milestone that I am quite surprised to have achieved.


I started a pre-press service bureau in 1986. I called it Nova Graphic Services Bureau. I enjoyed many years of productive printing press and advertising development. As technology presented stronger opportunities for progress, NGSB evolved. It accelerated in growth first as a four color art house and later into a full featured source for independent creative direction and marketing direction.

Being able to offer corporate level creative to small businesses, individual artists and writers was a unique approach. This studio was founded on the principle that all imagery still or moving, all illustration and all layout design should be unique and custom shot and certainly designed from scratch.

By avoiding stock artwork and stock photography in favor of something fresh, created entirely based on the clients perception of their place in their own market, FJ Studios, it turns out has produced quite a collection in thirty years of continual work.

Enjoy the showcase of examples right here as I continue to collect them and add to our current portfolio. Please stop by often to see what else I can uncover in the archives.

Best wishes and thank you for your continued patronage and support.
Foster Johnson