Is it me? Or is it the mystery of IPA packaging?

I came across an entry in 2018 Communication Arts Design Annual. Little & Company a Minneapolis design firm appears to rank as important in the submissions in the packaging category. Work for their client, Fair State Brewing Cooperative presents another “what the…” moment. Take a look.

Do any of these packages even remotely indicate that there is a beer in there.

Compare that to the approach of Caroline Blanchette the art director for Stand MTL Inc. a firm in Montreal, Canada. For yogurt brand Liberté. Liberté – Kéfir

On the same page in Communication Arts, both the yougurt and Kefir packages. Well it’s clear to me. There’s some yogurt or yogurt juice in there…

If you missed Akufen’s Dada / Data, you missed something special.

I came across an article in Communication Arts that featured Akufen. Akufen is a Canadian interactive and advertising agency producing cutting edge work. Last year they created a site for the 100th anniversary of Dada.

You will do well to view and play at Dada Data.

Let me know what you think.